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In the hope to prevent Medical Negligence , Frank came up with the idea to present his case and tell people all over the Country and globe about the hardship’s and difficulties he is facing today. Thus, he is constantly monitored and he’s under surveillance by  the Medical Defence for 31 years.

This Saga began in 1983. Little did I know that I had “ Disc Disease,” there was no warning or symptoms as I drove to work that Friday morning.

I drove into the parking space at the rear of the butcher shop. As I went to get out of my car, with a 5kg bag of pork fillets in my right hand, I was struck down by blinding pain in my lumbar spine. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the door sill of my car, trying to get my breath back.

When I got into the butcher shop, my employer, Ian Wallace, asked, “What’s wrong?” After I had explained what had happened, he hung me by my hands from the rail that we used to hang meat on, but there was no improvement. Half an hour later, I discovered that I was not able to pass urine, at best only small spurts.

Dr Cato

At 12:30 on the fateful Friday, Janet Wallace made me go the local doctor. “You can’t work like that,” she said. I was not sure about Dr. Cato but I went to see him.

“ What’s wrong?” Dr. Cato asked. “I have severe back pain, pain down my leg and I can’t pee”, I replied. Dr. Cato put me on his bench and rubbed liniment on to my lumbar spine. He then put a heat lamp on to the site of the pain and left me for maybe 10 minutes. When he returned, he told me to get on my side. He put one hand on my hip, and his other hand on my shoulder. He then forced my hip in one direction and my shoulder in the other direction.

N.B. Manipulation the movement of a joint outside its normal movement.

I was later sent to the Hastings Hospital where I was X-rayed. I suspect that these X-rays were sighted and that they ended up in the bottom of the harbour.

Dr. Cato put me into the Hasting Hospital and put me into traction. After some time of this treatment (or “abuse”) I was suffering severe burning sensations in my legs. When I asked for help I was told that it was all in my head. Two days later, I asked a nurse to “please” have a look at me. She cut the bandages off from my legs, and the reason for my complaints was revealed. I was allergic to the plaster. I had burns on my left ankle that you could put your thumb into and the right leg was burnt to half way up my thigh. I wanted to have the treatment to stop, but Dr. Cato insisted that the burns be treated with Betadine, and the weights be replaced, against my wishes. I asked for a second opinion, but Dr. Cato refused. He then increased the weights and told me if the weights won’t work, he would give me one more brain dead manipulation and then he would seek a second opinion.

“To refuse me a second opinion was wrong.”

5am- I asked a nurse for a pethidine shot. She was not happy but gave me the treatment. By 5:30 I had taken the weights off my legs and walked shakily to the desk and asked to be discharged, but they refused. “Only the doctor can discharge you,” they said. I then asked to use the phone, but was also refused. I headed back towards my room. On the way back, I passed a fire escape and my spirit was uplifted. I opened the door, made my way down the steps, crossed the lawn, and went to the nature strip where there was a public phone box. As I was phoning my sister to come get me, two nurses confronted me. They wanted me to come out of the phone box, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep the door of the phone box closed, and they dragged me out of the phone box. As they were taking me back to the hospital, one of the nurses said to me, “You can’t be seen in the street in short P.J.’s.” Just then, a jogger came by, dressed in less than what I was wearing. The Hospital phoned a taxi for me and at last I was away from that damned place.

My sister drove me to our family doctor, Dr. Turnbull. I was then taken to my house and put to bed. Dr. Cato telephoned me and I told him that I now had another doctor, and to leave me alone. I went to sleep exhausted. Suddenly, I was woken up by my house being broken into. Dr. Cato had rung the police and told them that I was a drug-affected person! After I had told them what had happened, the police left.

At Hastings Hospital record keepings were not their best attribute but according to their chat I passed urine 6 times in13 days and bowels 7 times in the same time

“ To break into my house was outrageous and unlawful. “


In Dr Cato’s answer to my interrogatory 25 he claimed that I signed myself out because of a dispute with hospital staff. Early on the morning of the 14th of February 1983, I made up my mind that I could not face one more back breaking manipulation by Dr Cato, and decided to leave under my own steam. I got the weights off my legs and went to the front desk. I asked for a discharge form as I wanted to go. The women behind the front desk refused, she told me only the doctor could discharge me, I tried to argue my point to her but she would not listen. I told her that would leave with or without discharge papers, and made my way towards the front door. The woman ran from behind the front desk and jumped up and turned off the power for the electric doors, they closed in my face. I then asked to use the telephone but was refused. Feeling defeated I made my back to my room. Then I saw a fire escape and I opened the door and crossed the lawn and got into the public phone box, and reverse charged a call to my sister. While in the phone box, two women from the hospital saw me in the phone box and forced the door open and forced me out. They had hold of me by both arms. I could not prevent them from taking me back into the hospital. They gave me a form to sign then phoned me a taxi. If they were so concerned for my well being, why did they allow me to walk around on my own? Why did they deny me the right to determine my own fate?, and why didn’t they include this in their statement? 8-2-1983 Patient waiting for Dr Cato as he doesn’t want to go back into traction “Second opinion refused“

Accordingly to the extent that other practitioners have been acting on the assumption that a laminectomy was performed by Mr Wuttke, are labouring under a misapprehension.”

-A Moulds 30-09-1998


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R.V.H. Wuttke

Dr. Turnbull refers me to R.V.H. Wuttke. I found this man to be just plain rude and abrupt. I was to regret ever having met him; he had made my condition worse. To cover his lack of knowledge and skill, and the lack of skill of the other people that were in the operating room of the Peninsula Private Hospital, he leapt to the ledger main of psychology. Mr. Wuttke ordered a “mylogram.” This was painful in the extreme. He then claimed, “The mylogram was not of good quality.” That, of course, was wrong. He then sent me for an MRI (Axial Tomogram) Mr Wuttke operated on me urgently. In fact, he zipped me open, became confused by what he saw, sewed me back up and declared me nuts, saying, “putting on an act to set the money,” and “ Move over Hector Crawford.”

(Wuttke picture here)

After Mr. Wuttke’s useless operation, I was not able to pass urine. This went on for 3 days until a doctor on a revenue round found out what was the cause of my complaints. He put a catheter into me and drained out 1200mls. “Now that’s a large coke bottle,” he said. After this episode, I was put into a private room at “No extra charge.” By this time I had the original injury, the trauma of Mr. Wuttke’s useless operation, and the and the start of Arachnoid adhesions.

14 times bowel and bladder problems 2 in dwelling catheters in 16 days.

To interrogatory 4:

(a)I made a provisional diagnosis of a central lumbosacraldisc prolapse. I made that diagnosis on the 16th February, 1983 on the basis of my examination and history taken.

(b)As per (a).

(c)I viewed an x-ray of the Plaintiffs spine which revealed a slightly narrow lumbo-sacral disc space.(I then organized a myelogram which was inconclusive. then arranged a computerized axial tomograms which revealed a central disc prolapse at the L4-5 level. I then proceeded to operate on the 17th February, 1983 to explore the lumbo-sacral level, and the level between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. Subsequently he was treated with standard post –operative care.)

Frank’s Research:

cauda equina syndrome: the result of a central protrusion backwards of the pulpy inner material (nucleus pulposus) of an INERVERTABAL DISC, in the part of the spinal canal bellow the termination of the spinal cord. A leash of nerves runs down this area and these may be compressed. There is accute back pain, SCIATICA, and interference with bladder function.

This except was taken from Collins Dictionary of Medicine, Robert M. Yongson, 1992, ISBN 004722450

Over the following months in 1983, I had a great many problems. It was very hard for me to move around the house with bowel and bladder incontinence and constant pain. To top it all off, everyone, including relatives, friends, and doctors, were reckoning that I was malingering.

My employer Ian Wallace with held my compensation payments. In fact, he behaved very badly. Some years later while running a butcher shop in Tewantin, dear old Wallace suffered the same sort of injury. One can only think that retribution is a wonderful thing.

Ian Wallis. He withheld my wages. he took my tools, and I asked him for money and he replied ”you don’t need money while your in hospital. Later i told him i was $600 short , his reply ”it could of got mixed with mine”. He was working on Thursday island in a supermarket where he was earning his brownie points for the LORD. ” Balnarring is a small minded town”.

Murray Ingpen “Rumatologist”


I was sent to Ingpen because of my lack of progress. This was the first medical man who was able to understand what I was describing. “ Who in the name of Christ did this to you?” he asked as he gazed at the X-rays. At this stage, I didn’t have a clue so I replied, “ Wuttke.” “Well Reinhart” was a bit imprudent, and he sent me to Epworth Hospital where I was given a “Disco Gram.” I passed out during this and when I came to, Ingpen showed me the disc ruptured images. He referred Mr. B. Barrett to see me. The Doctor was somewhat amazed at my sad story and arranged for me to be operated on again, this time at the Cabrini Hospital. The operation took place in September 1983. After the operation, Mr. Barrett informed me that the operation took seven hours, and that most of that time was spent picking the nerves off the site of the ”Wuttke Operation” I spent a month in Cabrini.

During 1984 I regained my Private Pilot’s license. I still had residual problems, incontinence of bowel and bladder, and bouts of impengment sciaticia, none of which stopped me, but it did slow me down.

I tried to sue the doctors “Cato and Wuttke.” Lawyers, I was to soon find out, are for the most part as useless as the tits on a bull.

Helen O’Connell- Urologist


I took myself to see this woman at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. As she examined my X-rays she asked, “How long were you in compression?” “Eight months,” I replied. “How come your kidneys didn’t blow up?” How was I to know that my kidneys didn’t blow up? It’s hard to describe this woman, but make up your own mind-read her reports. She did offer me a bigger bladder.

Richard Pease


I then was sent to Richard Pease. After I had shown him the “I don’t do that part of surgery” note, he wrote approx. 3000 words about me and doctor Cato and 16 words about Mr Wuttke.

Right from day one I have been followed by brain dead private investigators, but my first big shock came on the tenth of April 1997. It was a very cold day and I was waiting for my bus home. There was a half an hour wait and as my pain increased, I decided to get a taxi. As I made my way to the taxi rank, I heard the sound of screeching tires. Now, the traffic travels only one way in the bus bay and a quick look left showed me a green car speeding in reverse towards me. Luckily, I managed to step back as the car flashed by. Shakily, I started to walk towards that car. As I looked at the driver, I thought that it was Dr. Cato, but as I got closer, it turned out to be his son Michael and his altitude challenged little brother yelling at me, “Get out of here!” As “Mighty Mike” cranked the stalled engine, I made my way to the taxi and was on my way safely home.

“Mighty Mike” has had a few go’s at running me over, but his best effort took place at the Lake Sambell Caravan Park in Victoria. After sliding through the gravel sideways, then staring at me, he sped off. “Mighty Mike” now works for the bank. No, not that bank, because as he sped away the one thing that I did see was ANZ on the number plate. There are no ANZ branches in Beechworth, and there are certainly no branches at Lake Sambell Caravan Park.

I have no doubt in my mind that it will happen again. I will just have to be careful about crossing the highways and byways.

There was no large disc rupture


I was sent to him for a lego medical report. He informed me, “ You don’t manipulate ruptured discs.” As he flicked through my reports and X-rays he told me that he was a quick reader.

Frank Dicketts